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End -To- End digital marketing agency dedicated to providing excellence experience from data analytics, creative design to conversion.   Established in 2006, focusing on the new digital era. Also, we are providing a highly sophisticated marketing intelligence platform to help our customer to be better informed for better & profitable business decisions.   Lead buy innovation, creativity, based on research and data analytics, we support our partners to reach their objective. Supported by long, deep successful experience, stat of the art technology and our dynamic young innovated team we are devoted to create successful stories.

Digital Marketing

End To End solution digital Marketing , varies from branding , web/app design & development , SEM , SEO Social networks marketing , content creation to more other digital services..

Web and mobile APPS

We provide large and small scale online solutions for companies , factories and individuals..

Content Management

Content Management (CM) Is The Adminisration Of Digital Content Throughout It's Life-Cycle, From Creation To Permenant Storage Or Deletion. The Content May Invlove Images, Videos...


We Provide over-the-top content (OTT) refers to delivery of audio, video, and other media over the Internet without the involvement of a Multiple-System Operating in the control or distribution.

Not just Media.

The Vision

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Ongoing development for our marketing intelligence  platform to better serve our customers.

Media Kit

Global Media was established in 2006 becoming a pioneer in digital content distribution covering the Mena Region, North Africa, Europe and Asia. Basically it started off securing alternative modes of distribution for video content worldwide with a focus on live signal streaming and server based video-on-demand via IP, IPTV, broadband, wireless broadband over platforms.   We became specialized in Content Aggregation and distribution with major operators across the region and Europe and gained the experience of becoming professionals for all IP based platforms   Also, we were the FIRST ever to distribute the World Cup 2006 digital rights in conjunction with ART to the MENA operators including STC, Mobily, DU, Zain, Sudan,  allowing viewership mobility.   With sports rights to Vodafone, Orange and Morocco Telecom. Entertainment & Religious content were also sold to operators across the region to Vodafone, Orange, JO, Orange France, Free (FR), Morocco Telecom, STC and Etisalat. .

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